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Cleaning services throughout Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and surrounding areas

Deep Cleaning

DMC Commercial Cleaning Services are the North East’s premier Deep Cleaning Services provider – delivering outstanding and reliable cleaning at a competitive & honest price.

We’re a small team providing a bespoke service to clients who require nothing less than a first rate, deep cleaned polished finish. We specialise in deep cleaning, including Endof Tenancy Kitchen degreasingCarpet Deep Cleaning, Bathrooms and Bedrooms.

Whatever the task at hand, we are always mindful that a clean and well-ordered environment creates an overall sense of well-being, focus and effectiveness. This gives you the edge whether it is to enhance your working environment or to lease / sell a property.

It’s the attention to small pieces of detail that cumulatively can that make a big difference and give the sense that not only does the environment look clean, but feel clean.


“Thank you so much for all your work, I will be sure to pass any work in the area your way and will recommend you guys to the rest of my team! Thanks again!”

Cassie Adams / Property Management Consultant – Your Move

“DMC Cleaning came to give my kitchen a deep clean before we sold it on, and WOW… the difference from start to finish was unbelievable! Cannot recommend enough.”

Elly Roper

“Incredibly efficient and good value, have already recommended to friends”

Henry de Villiers

Contact Us

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    You can request the removal of your details at any time by emailing us at hello@dmccleaning.co.uk


    Our Guarantee for Deep Cleaning – we will do what we say we will, when we say we’ll do it. We pride ourselves on the highly personable level of our service. One trusted client referred to “the high level of professionalism and quality, provided with enthusiasm and communicative responsiveness and friendliness”. That’s our standard for each and every client interaction.

    Rest assured we are fully insured. Our public & employee liability insurance & health & safety procedures ensure that you & your premises are fully covered in the very unlikely event of an accident. We say unlikely with confidence. Mindfulness and method are the key watchwords in cleaning – ensuring the cleaning environment is safe for everyone.


    Ultra-Professional, diligent, conscientious, passionate and precise deep cleaning. We provide a detailed checklist of actions & a pictographic summary of all assignments.

    Impeccable Hygiene & Cleanliness Standards – All equipment – yes, all of it is completely cleaned & disinfected at the end of a session. Why – the obvious answer is because of contamination. The less obvious reason is because spotlessly clean utensils assist in delivering spotlessly clean results.

    Contact us for a deep clean of your premises, – inside or out. We will not let you down.

    Elly R

    DMC Cleaning came to give my kitchen a deep clean before we sold it on, and WOW… the difference from start to finish was unbelievable! Cannot recommend enough.

    Georgette E

    It is important to emphasise the outstanding cleaning service provided by Andrew and Essie, as well as their highly professional, yet responsive and personal communication with us.

    Henry D

    Incredibly efficient and good value. have already recommended to friends