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About Us

DMC Cleaning Services is the North East’s comprehensive cleaning company providing a bespoke service to private and commercial clients to an extraordinarily high standard. .

  • A clean and well-ordered environment creates an overall sense of well-being, focus, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Attention to small items of detail, that can go unnoticed,collectively  make a big the overall finish

We excel in both indoor and outdoor cleaning

  • End of Tenancy cleaning / deep cleaning of properties.
  • Carpets deep cleans using hot water extraction.
  • Jet washing yards, conservatories and garden furniture..
  • uPVC window cleaning

“We ensure outstanding results with minimal disruption to your daily business routine”

Our Story

Hello, it’s Andrew, founder of DMC Cleaning Services. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give a short biography of DMC Cleaning Services’ philosophy and most importantly, our cleaning! 

So, what makes our approach to cleaning different, after all cleaning to most people is just another chore, right?

Well, not all of us are wired that way, I’ve been keeping things clean and tidy since I can remember. It’s always been instinctive and when applied with discipline, tenacity and gusto creates some extra-ordinary results. At DMC Commercial Cleaning Services, we’re definitely of the conviction that a clean and tidy environment makes for a focused and effective mind and an overall sense of well-being..

Our “deep cleans” are not just deep, but broad and encompassing as well. We search out those areas that frequently get left behind in a typical clean. To us, just because they’re out of sight, doesn’t mean they’re out of mind. 

We live and breathe cleaning – we never stop innovating and we’re always inquiring as to how can we improve, add more value and wow our clients time and time again.

 It’s a part of our DNA and we’re not changing anytime soon.

How we give you the best service

  1.    We meet with our clients to understand their defined outcomes to deliver a full. detailed and methodical clean.
  2.   We then set to task in delivering  results in a planned, ordered and mindful mechanism to precisely defined outcomes and timescales. 
  3.   Before, during and after completion of the assignment we return to photograph the work and present side by side comparisons of before and after our intervention.

      It’s really that straightforward – our winning formula is a combination of::-

  • forward planning,
  • a disciplined and meticulous course of action with focused attentive on the task in hand,
  • periodic reflective thinking to re-assess and re-focus.

We turn up at every cleaning assignment ready and equipped with the precise tools and solutions and machines to get the job done to the best standard.