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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Gateshead & Newcastle upon Tyne

Our End of Tenancy Deep cleaning is totally methodical – following a tried & tested formula that leaves nothing to chance!  Ensuring your recently, or soon to be vacated property is in a hygienically clean, presentable and sparkling condition can be a key factor in ensuring deductions are not made from your deposit when you leave. 

If you’re in the business of property management it can be the decisive factor in securing new tenants.

End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning doesn't get better than this !

End of Tenancy Deep cleaning
End of Tenancy Deep cleaning



“prominent; conspicuous; striking: marked by  distinction & excellence”

End of Tenancy Deep cleaning


“the extent to which a procedure yields


the same results on repeated trials.”

End of Tenancy Deep cleaning


“To ensure that on a like for like basis


we offer unbeatable value for money.”

Honest Pricing


“Ensuring that our pricing stands up to scrutiny, no sneaky additional charges for services that should be an intrinsic part of the quoted price.”

An End of Tenancy Deep clean can be divided into 3 main tasks

1. Kitchen De-greasing

De-greasing – essentially kitchens – where we use 3 different strengths of commercial de-greaser to ensure the solution is strong enough to melt away grease but not so strong as to damage wood and brushed aluminium finishes.

End of Tenancy Deep Clean

2. Removing limescale and sterilising – essentially bathrooms.

By the time we’re through cleaning a bathroom tou can be sure it’s gleaming steaming, sheening clean – that’s what a DMC End of Tenancy deep clean means.

End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning
End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning

3. Vacuuming & Dusting

Essentially carpets, shelving, cupboards, skirting boards & vacuuming away cobwebs.

Bedroom Dusting

Knowing precisely which cleaning agent to use & incisively how much to use (concentration) is key.

Using excess in any situation impedes the cleaning process rather than assisting – this compromises our efficiency in terms of cost and time wasted rinsing. We also use organic based cleaning solvents where required e.g. to remove stickers / clean uPVC.

What's Covered in an End of Tenancy Deep clean ?

It’s little things that combined together make a big difference.

We’re a commercial cleaning business and we use top spec equipment combined with precise techniques, premium industrial cleaning solutions and carefully crafted expertise to get the best results – no matter what the task at hand.

Our aim is to bring a property back from gory to glory and we achieve this by attending to every accessible area to clean away the grime and make it shine!

Having conducted many of End of Tenancy cleans means we know just where to look and, as importantly, what the priorities are.

Because we photograph all of our work, before and after we are actively looking for a perfect result and can never be complacent – after all, the camera never lies A visual record of our cleaning from start to finish means that the recipient, whether you’re a tenant, landlord or property management company – has a visual record in case of any dispute about the standard of cleanliness.

Kitchen Deep Clean

See our amazing Before and After photos

Washing machine soap dish cleaning
Washing Machine Seal sterilisation
Kitchen cupboard de-greasing
Kitchen Unit De-Greasing
Kitchen Light fixture deep clean
Kitchen Unit De-Greasing

Extractor Fan De-Greasing

Kitchen extractor de-greasing
Kitchen Extractor De-Greasing
Kitchen Extractor Filter de-greasing

Oven & Hob Deep Clean

Kitchen Hob de-greasing
Kitchen grill de-greasing
Oven de-greasing

What's covered in an End of Tenancy kitchen clean?

  • De-grease cooker hob, extractor, oven & grill and surrounding tiles and cupboards
  • Clean and disinfect appliances, (microwave, fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer) Remove lint from tumble dryer
  • Clean & disinfect cabinets, tables, & chairs, worktops & splash back areas
  • Empty cupboards & drawers; clean & disinfect inside & out washing the dishes. Degrease and disinfect kitchen units and surfaces.
  • Clean kitchen door and frame, skirting
  • Clean & disinfect light switches, sockets
  • Clean dining table and chairs, clean window frames, glass & sills.

Bathroom De-Scaling

Bathroom tile grout cleaning
Bathroom tile cleaning
Bathroom grout cleaning
Bathroom mould removal
Shower head de-scaling
Bathroom tile grout cleaning

What's covered in an End of Tenancy bathroom clean?

  • Wash and disinfect inside and outside of lavatory, toilet seats, bidet, cistern & flush handle.
  • Wash and disinfect the bathtub, shower. shower head/hose, fittings cubicle, tiles, grouting & surrounding walls.
  • Clean the sinks inside and out. polish the chrome, clean the counter tops.
  • Clean & disinfect any furniture
  • Polish the mirrors & taps
  • Clean & disinfect the doors and handle, light switches, empty clean & disinfect bins. Cleaning.
  • Clean door and frame, skirting, mirrors and wipe down any furniture.

Bedroom Deep Clean

Bedroom fixtures & fittings cleaning
Bedroom mould removal
Bedroom dusting

What's covered in an End of Tenancy bedroom clean?

  • Pull out all moveable furniture and bed frames to thoroughly clean under and around, dusting, washing & vacuuming
  • Clean and polish furniture, wardrobes and drawers inside and out.
  • Dust all tops and surfaces, clean and dust picture frames, lamp shapes, skirting boards.
  • Clean bedroom door and frame, skirting, light switches, sockets, & gleam mirrors.
  • Remove bed linen if required.