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End of Tenancy

End of Tenancy cleaning really doesn’t get better than this!

That’s a bold statement, so how do we know we’re not exaggerating?


It’s little things that combined together make a big difference.

We’re a commercial cleaning business and we use top spec equipment combined with precise techniques, premium industrial cleaning solutions and carefully crafted expertise to get the best results – no matter what the task at hand.

Our aim is to bring a property back from gory to glory and we achieve this by attending to every accessible area to clean away the grime and make it shine!

Having conducted many of End of Tenancy cleans means we know just where to look and, as importantly, what the priorities are.

Because we photograph all of our work, before and after we are actively looking for a perfect result and can never be complacent – after all, the camera never lies A visual record of our cleaning from start to finish means that the recipient, whether you’re a tenant, landlord or property management company – has a visual record in case of any dispute about the standard of cleanliness.

See our amazing Before and After photos

Kitchen at end of tenancy
Bedroom at end of tenancy

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De-greasing Kitchens

  • In every kitchen, there is an accumulated layer of grease and dust on top of and surrounding kitchen units – you can see the ‘glaze of grease’ looking obliquely at the cupboards and drawers.
  • The fixtures, fittings and extractor’s around the cooker and oven are worst affected and it’s here that Industrial strength de-greaser solutions of no less than 3 different formulations are put to the task of removing the grease.
  • Precision and expertise are the watchword here as we need always ensure vulnerable surfaces are not sacrificed in the name of cleaning. We mask these areas off at the start
  • All tiled areas have the grouting scrubbed with caustic solution and the most high-tech piece of equipment – a scrubbing brush. Yes, it’s laborious, mechanistic and painstaking. But the results are worth it – because proprietors tell us that “the place looks like new”. 

Oven Cleaning

  • We’ve fine crafted our technique to deliver incredible results from the most hopeless of ovens. Our kitchen gallery speaks volumes!